[KOG] KOG’s one and only ‘Games Grand Dictionary’

We now present to
you, KOG’s most valued treasure.

It is KOG’s library
– the K’Library!

KOG has continued
having seminars since 2005.

We have documented
books gathering each years’ seminar data, and since we have collected the
necessary files for game productions for 16 years, it definitely is worthy of
being named as a Games Grand Dictionary.

The rookie
developers can view the books and find out data of the past,

And the senior
developers and look at their co-workers’ documents and see how they solved
certain problems and which ideas they came up with.

The relevant files
can only be read by KOG people or you can view it by joining the intern of 6th


Other than the
documented files, there are also rewarded seminar files and game development
proposals such as Elsword planning files.

KOG has more than
4,000 books for games development, but also categorized recommended and
must-read books that were collected based on the advisements from professors,
seniors and field experts.

If there are books
people want to share, they can ask for it to the company and it will be placed
in the library with 1-2 days

Also we have a great
amount of comic books, too

KOG library filled
with helpful books for games development.

With the books for
good games designing and unique information, you too can become a great game