[Elsword] Elsword the animated series ‘El Lady’ VVIP Premiere

There has been a
VVIP Premiere for the Elsword’s official animated series ‘Elsword: El Lady’.

The tickets were
distributed to the visitors of the Elsword brand shop ‘Elsword#’in Pangyo Dep.

The premiere took
place from 11AM till 3PM and at the end of the event, we released a special
clip for the upcoming new character, Ain.

‘Elsword: El Lady’
is an animated series designed based on the Elsword’s world view and story,
featuring main characters of the game such as Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven and
so on.

The unrevealed
stories of the characters that were never told in the game will be created into
12 episodes and portray the journey of the El search party from the ‘City of

You can check out
the Ain animated clip in the website.

Visit the Elsword website
and check it out