[KOG] Hyundai Dep. Store Daegu branch ‘Games Illustrations Exhibition’

In Hyundai Dep.
Store Daegu branch, 9th
floor at Gallery H, ‘Games Illustrations

10/27(thur)~11/20(sun), KOG artworks will be displayed

Even though we
cannot present to you with big number of pieces, due to the small size of the
gallery, it is a great opportunity to see KOG’s illustration works all in one

You can look at
KOG’s illustrations, figures, comic books and game videos and ‘Elsword
postcards and coupons’ will be given at the gallery entrance for free

A perfect chance to
try out the 4D simulator for the online racing game Ultimate Race!

Don’t miss out this

Look, listen and
feel the all new different ‘Games Illustrations Exhibition’

Further information
will be posted on KOG Blog