Large battlefield between guilds, Siege Warfare

AIMA ‘Siege Warfare’ update

‘Siege Warfare’ is the guild only battlefield.

‘Siege Warfare’, the
new PVP, PVE content is a large battlefield between guilds adding elements of strategy
and tactics

This update will be
conducted via beta testing. However, you can enjoy it every day until
Wednesday, April 27.

While occupying a
portion of the castle, a battle will take place at 8 pm every Saturday and the
winner can receive gold and his/her own store as a reward.

In order to win, you
must occupy the core located in the center for 30 minutes and only the guild
head can occupy the core even if you make it to the core.

If the core is
occupied, offense and defense will be reserved and you can have a rematch for the
rest of time.