Elsword revealed New Character ‘Lu/Ciel’


Elsword revealed new character: Lu/Ciel is the first duo character of Elsword.


Lu/Ciel is complementary so he can change his character whenever he wants.

Lu has a destructive power and can cause rigidity. On the other hand, Ciel is specialized for single cut command using sword and gun.  

They can be swapped in the last part of command filling up each other wherever you want such as in dungeon, village and PVP. Sometimes both character use synchronous skill.





Cool and chic bodyguard & butler + lovely princess with double-sideness, Duo character Lu/Ciel


The video clip of Lu/Ciel is open to the public this coming 16th and will be updated in Elsword on 18th.

Check out more information on the official website(http://elsword.nexon.com/).