HERO, Carmen’s New job change, Dual Buster

Carmen’s New job change

Dual Buster is updated!

[All about Dual Buster]

1. Twin Shooter

– Make a speed of shooting maximize during certain time by exploding stored energy.

2. Wind Shock

– Apply debuffe by throwing a bullet with an attribute of Wind Shock, make it to explode to do additional damage to an enemy.

3. Destiny(Lethal move)

– Scattershot shoot to the enemies around her.

4. Reload: Explosion

– Load a bullet exploding when it reaches to an enemy. When it is exploded, it can damage an enemy around .

5. Destroyer

– Shoot making a huge explosion by putting together both hands.

6. Brutal Buster(Lethal move)

– After making an enemy fly by kicking, move fast back of the enemy and keep shooting. 

7. Rapid Step

– Move fast back of enemies by drawing a half circle. Enemies who were in circle will be stay in the middle of the circle.

8. Shooting Tornado(Lethal move)

– Shoot left, right and centre by jumping and circling.

9. Areal Shooter

– Shoot to the place where she already was by jumping backward to damage enemies.

10. Triple Napalm

–  Damage enemies by exploding a flying globe of wind energy three times.

11. Infinity Balkan(Lethal move)

– Attack enemies within range automatically by making a globe of wind energy in the sky.

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