Elsword, Genius rebel Add’s new job change!

1st Job change: ARC TRACER

Add has been researching El energy to go back to the past.

While he was trying to figure out the way to make a dynamo as a smart El energy collector,

he accidentally got to know a high technology drawing with techniques using tools as one’s hands and feet.

He stared studying about it and finally completed. 

‘This is it!! Perfect.’

2nd Job change: MASTERMIND 

While he was overcoming many difficulties through dynamo transform, he felt bothered by stronger enemies.

Adel led Add, who needs brand-new power, to Peita where a fierce battle is going on with devil tribe.

By getting an idea from devil tribe’s power, Add has completed transcendent Nasord control technique, “Master Mind” which moving itself reflecting a person’s thought and will in Peita.