HERO, Development plan of PVP system

Hi, Guys!


HERO is planning to add ‘PVP club’ with additional works.


Since it’s under development, there might be little change later but we’d like to share the major contents.


1.      Deadly skill slots are not applied.

2.      Reinforce psychological warfare based on the upper, middle and lower part attack. Also, counterattack and partial destruction system will be added.

3.      New command attack system will be added.

4.      Unreasonable skills for PVP will be excluded.

5.      If the attack is not succeeded, risks and rewards are clearly applied. (In case of a failure of an attack, penalties are given.)

6.      Stats correction will be applied. (Attack, Defense, Life)

7.      Gravity will be equally corrected in PVP&PVE.

8.      ELO PVP matching system will be applied.


Check out on the website.