Asin’s special class ‘Mugen’ updated

Mugen the special class


After the death of the master
Tyrin, Asin chase for Victor to become the Rama.

However, It was long after Jin
defeated Victor and the Vajra was taken by Jin too.

Finally Asin meets Jin during the
journey and tell the story about the Tyrin to be Jin’s companion.

Without knowing what Asin is
seeking for, Jin teaches all he knows but due to Asin’s impure intention, Asin
never become the Rama.

Instead of becoming the Rama, Asin
develops his own style.



Mugen can perform various combo
moves with simple controls.

Asin had one hit skills before but now
he can perform skills with longer duration or enemy chasing moves. His new
style also enables him to penetrate into the battle faster and more

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Mugen in the official website ( or the KOG blog (