Updates new dungeons in Sander region

Updates new
dungeons in Sander region

2013-2-7, updates new dungeons in sander region!

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The group accidently found out the fact
that someone else was involved in this accident while they fought with ‘Samak
Trak’. Then they headed to ‘Trak cave’ where ‘Chief Trak’ is lived in.

When they reached Trak’s base, they found
out that Wind priest was kidnapped by devils then they informed this news to
Sander region.

After that, they tried to contact with ‘Calusso
tribe’ to inform this situation they involved in, but ‘Carusso tribe’ suddenly
attacked them, because Carusso tribe thought that they kidnapped wind priest. After
the fight between Carusso tribe and them, they discover the hidden information
about ‘Behemoth’, and every single situation was caused by devils, and they
finally want to get Behemoth’s resurrection.

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open new dungeons in Sander region.

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