Updates new dungeons in Atum region

Updates new
dungeons in Atum region

2013-01-24, now close to start
updating three times in a row.

1-24 The town of desert thieves.

2-14 The ‘La’ canyon

2-28 Sett’s pyramid

The grandchase arrives at a town
while they are on the way to look for treasures of Kungji-Kungji and pieces of
crown ‘Horus’. However, this town is crowded with thieves, and they found out
some of product from Kungji-Kungji town. With this evidence, grand chase are
obviously sure that people from this town are suspected criminal in Kungji-Kungji

This updated dungeon can play with explosive
object and cross bow only.

From 2013-01-24, you can have an extraordinary
experience in desert-thieves town.

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