Elsword, updates Sander region

updates Sander region and expand maximum level

2013-01-03, scheduled to update ‘period
of wind’

Updates Sander region and expand
maximum level

The town, where legendary creature
lives and sand wind blows, called Sander town

When we get out of Hamel, we can see
a dried town covered with sand.

Due to sand wind, Oasis was dried-up,
buildings are destroyed and some creatures are blow off in this town.

During the fight with devils and
monsters, we accidently pulled into sand wind by invisible power.

When we recover consciousness, we
stayed in a building with darkness.

A moment later, we found out there is
a hiding place of Trak, and we fought with them in there. During fight, we saw a
woman in a distance and we try to catch her.

But, unfortunately, we lost her. Who
is her? What happened to her?

We resume our adventure now.

2013-01-03, you can experience new
adventure in Elios

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