Elsword, updates new character(Ara Hann)

updates new character(Ara Hann)

2012-12-20, scheduled to update new
character in Elsword!

A thousand year old fox ‘Ara Hann’!

‘Aran Hann’ is 17 year-old girl and
comes from Parman city in north Puluone

Her family, Hann, keeps ‘A thousand
year old fox’ from generation to generation.

One day, devil troops invade her
town, and, sadly, she is the only survivor.   

Tragically, she found out the chief
of invader is her brother ‘Aren Hann’

She had a contract with ‘A thousand
year old fox’, so she had an enormous power, but sometimes ‘A thousand year old
fox’ controlled her mind.

She uses spear, so she can wide-range
attack. Also, she has impressive and faster skills.

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