Elsword start up of overseas

– Elsword start service at 2009 4Q in Taiwan and Hong Kong

– Grand Chase is following 2nd contract with Gamania


 KOG (CEO Jong-Won, Lee) announced to sign the contract of exportation of Elsword, the action MORPG game with Gamania, largest publisher of Taiwan. Elsword ‘ is expected to be in the service in Taiwan and Hong Kong this coming fourth quarter.


The CEO of Gamania Corporation TIC said that “it is a pleasure working with KOG that led Taiwan and Hong Kong to a success with the Grand Chase. There is no doubt that Elsword will bring pleasure to the users with its delicate graphics and rhythmical actions. I would like to retain a good relationship with KOG that develops games with passion, providing what that users actually want to play.”


The CEO of KOG, Jong-Won Lee said “It would be the second contract with Taiwan and Hong Kong after the conduction of Grand Chase service. Also we’re in the process of having the export deal with Elsword Japan, China and other major publishers so that the future export will be continued.


KOG is successfully taking the lead in Brazil, Philippines and six countries around the world, followed by ‘Elsword’ markets through a global online action game.


Elsword, actions MORPG can be enjoyed with rapid game play and thrilling actions in cartoon style characters servicing from Nexon, Korea