<Fighters Club> summer curtain call test

 Online game company KOG(CEO Jong–Won, Lee) announced that curtain–call test of an online fighting game <Fighters Club> will begin from July 20th. The participants of first CBT and new users could both take part in CCT. The test will be opened from 8pm to 10pm. The first period is from July 20th to August 7th, and the second is from August 17th to September 4th,

 CEO Jong–Won, Lee said “Thanks to all the passion of the CBT participants, we decided to reopen A part of <Fighters Club during the summer. I hope that it will relive the stresses of summer. Through this long time test, we will show what the true fighting action game”.

 Manager Young–Suk, Kim from SBSi, the co-publishing company, said “Although <Fighters Club> has not yet finished its development, they decided to launch a long–term curtain call test. I am sure that many users of <Fighters Club> will be bitten, and they will surely contribute to the success during the open service.”

 The word, curtain call or walkdown, means the reoccurance of individual plyaer at the end of a performance. By the applause from audiances all players return to the stage to be recognized by the audience for their performance.