Fighters Club 1st CBT

 KOG(CEO Jong–Won, Lee) announced that they have successfully finished the first closed beta test of an fighting action online game “Fighters Club”, published in partnership with SBSi(CEO Nam – Gi, Lee).


 During the test, 5 characters, 5 maps and 3 game modes were released to the 10,000(ten thousand) testers. Testers gave a good score to diverse cooperation missions and DSK system, which resembled them of an actual fighting.

 Most of the testers showed 3 hours of average participation, and many rated the game enjoyable through the boards.
 One tester with nickname by “cloudsun” mentioned “ This game is attractive that it kept the form of previous fighting games, maximized the mind game of psychological warfare and simplified the unnecessary parts”. Meanwhile, another tester named “skdaks0348sl” said “The best part of this game is hundreds of aerial combos”.

 CEO Jong–Won, Lee said “I appreciate all (of) the testers who participated in the first CBT. As for the first priority, we shall try our best in order to develop a much better game by reflecting all the data and opinions collected from every single tester participated in the games”