Daegu International Musical Festival ‘ Grand Chase

Daegu International Musical Festival ‘ Grand Chase – The legend of Canaban’

 KOG’s online game “Grand Chase” has been produced as a musical and is drawing attention after being invited to Daegu International Musical Festival (DIMF).

 According to DIMF, after the first performance at Daegu Public Art Centre in October 2007, Grand Chase – ‘The legend of Canaban’ has been selected as an official musical in DIMF which will be held on upcoming 15th.

  ‘Grand Chase’ is story of fantasy which is mainly about two kingdoms named ‘Serdine’ and ‘Canavan’ defeating a dark lord. Its fantastic play with dance and music will be performed on the stage and will be expected to provide a great experience to children and their families.

 ‘Grand Chase’ will be performed from 19th to 21st in Dong-Gu Culture Hall, Daegu. Entrance fee is from 3,000 won to 10,000 won.

 The manager of Daegu Musical Festival mentioned that “The fact that a game created from here in Daegu is invited to DIMF would reveal the significant meaning of its supportive co-development of local game production industry with performance art industry in this town.

 Meanwhile, for audiences with family, Daegu Musical Festival is currently selling R-type seat tickets of those pieces officially selected in DIMF including ‘Radio Star’ ‘Rainy Gomo Ridge’ ‘Grand Chase’ for 50,000 won as discounted price.

 From the 15thto the 6th of next month, the DIMF will be playing 24 musicals of both domestic and foreign plays in Daegu’s major theatres including Daegue Opera House. Tickets could be reserved from Interpark the online market and all branches of Daegue Bank