Grand Chase ranks NO.1 in Philippines

Grand Chase ranks NO.1 in Philippines


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– Another achievement after ‘the most popular game in Brazil’


<Grand Chase>, the online action game of KOG Ltd., has ranked as the first in the Philippine online game market since it was initially commercialized in four months of time.


According to the Philippine game publisher, LEVEL UP! (CEO Jane), <Grand Chase> was ranked as the best online game in February.


Since <Grand Chase> was launched in Nov, 2008, it has been making its place as a popular online game, establishing the best record; CCU of 10,000, in 2 months.


Carlo Ople, a marketing director of “LEVEL UP!”, quoted “<Grand Chase> has all essential factors to be succeed in the Philippine market. First of all, it is simple and easy, but also interesting to play for beginners. Moreover, its balanced PVP and dungeons allows every player to enjoy <Grand Chase>. Also, in order to make a good effort, KOG, closely co-operating with LEVEL UP, shows not only its technical development, but also the development of management and marketing system, by providing its continuous updates and events.”


Chang–Woo LEE, manager of KOG, said “the reason why <Grand Chase> ranked as the best online game in Philipines in such a short time is seemingly that it appealed to the users by its continuous updates and the prompt response in dealing with the problem. For the best service of <Grand Chase>, we will provide more qualified products, events and service for Philippines users.”