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KOG 소식(영문)

Hero Channel

A hero channel that can be used for training to the extreme! ‘A hero channel’ is a new channel (Hunting only) that can be entered starting from level 51. ‘A hero level’ will be accepted instead of the existing level. A hero level can be raised apart from the existing level and a hero scat …

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A Venue for Dialogue and Communication, Elsword Meeting

An Elsword meeting will be held as a venue for dialogue and communication. Application period: 4/21(Thu)~4/28(Thu) ​Announcement: 5/3 (Tue) Meeting: 5/7(Sat)​ ‘An Elsword meeting’ where a total of 11 adventurers per character and Elsword developers will participate Once a month for May, June, July, a total of three times the meeting will be held and …

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Balance Revamp

Elsword balance revamp in 2016 Balance revamp for all characters was carried out. Please check which part was changed. Some of the content introduced may not be applied as noted above. Content, dates and details may be modified at any time.     ​  

Elsword Cataclysm

Elsword Cataclysm, ‘Addition of a new dungeon’, ‘revamp of the Gate of Darkness’, ‘system improvements’ 1.Added Hero Dungeon 2.Revamped the Gate of Darkness (the probability for the Gate of Darkness to appear has increased and special buff effects are granted when clearing) 3.Revamped item emotions (Integrated to ensure that ‘spell of blessed time and space’ …

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Extreme difficulty, Hero Dungeon

Prove you have the qualifications of a hero! Extreme difficulty! Hero Dungeon ​ The Hero Dungeon is significantly more difficult than the existing dungeons. It’s a dungeon for adventurers of the highest level Prove that you qualify to be a hero and master the all-powerful Hero equipment. ​