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제목 A fascinating voice appeared in AIMA! Voice actor Jeong Jae-heon’s recording site 날짜 2016-06-24

On the 19th, the recording for ‘AIMA’ new job ‘Ronan Erudon (aka Ronan)’ was conducted at Mint Studio in Yangjaedong Seoul. Following the assassin added in December, Ronan is a character that was announced as the 6th job in the game.

Ronan who appeared in the comicbook game ‘Grand Chase’ is an original character of KOG.

Thanks to the huge popularity of comics at the time, he was added as a playable character to the game ‘Grand Chase’.

Breaking the wall between comics and games, he is a recognized character on his own.

Although the game service was terminated, the popularity after release is remarkable. So, relevant stories are still exchanged and fan art and other products are occasionally released.

In this situation, hearing the news that voice recording work for Ronan will be conducted, Game Mecca visited the site.

While in the studio, we met the voice actor Jeong Jae-heon, who provided Ronan’s voice 10 years ago.

Voice actor Jeong portrayed Ni in the recent movie ‘Zootopia’, and gamers know him for having lent his voice on various game projects like Professor Putricide in ‘World of Warcraft’, ‘Grey City Series’ Pulsefire and Ezreal in ‘League of Legends’.